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MOPS (Mobile Overdose Prevention Site) is a place where people can access information on harm reduction, get referrals and can use drugs in a safe, warm space where they are supervised by staff who are trained in overdose response.

What can people get at MOPS?

  • Harm reduction supplies

  • Narcan / naloxone

  • A cup of coffee or water

  • Maybe a snack!

  • Staff are available to chat about your needs and can help with referrals to other resource centres.

What can people do at MOPS?

  • Folks are welcome to come by and chat with staff!  Because we have limited space in the RV, we ask everyone to be mindful of the amount of time they spend in the RV.

  • People are welcome to come into the RV to inject or snort drugs.

  • Those who are smoking drugs can use the inhalation tent.


Where is MOPS located?

MOPS has one fixed location during the day and in our last hour of our shift we will be mobile. We will listen to community members on where the most need is regarding where we should park the RV during these times.

Our fixed location is:

The parking lot of 613 Main Street

Tuesday – Sunday
11:45 AM – 5:15 PM

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