July 23, 2021

As community members and organizations working to prevent and end homelessness in Winnipeg, we are saddened and distressed by events in Toronto this week, during which people have been forcibly evicted from temporary encampments. Forced evictions compound the harms experienced by people whose human right to housing has been violated. We urge the City of Toronto to work toward a rights-based approach to encampments, informed by the National Protocol for Homeless Encampments in Canada. This work has been underway in Winnipeg for more than two years, through the Kíkinanaw Óma Strategy and the Non-Emergent Encampment Support Process. At a collaborative table involving outreach workers, homeless-serving agencies, first responders, City departments, Indigenous organizations and people with lived experience of homelessness, Kíkinanaw Óma advances a rights-based approach, through an interim strategy that reduces unnecessary police interactions with encampments while increasing trained and peer outreach supports; and through recommendations that address the self-identified needs of people with lived experience for housing, safe spaces and services. The name Kíkinanaw Óma, gifted to the Strategy by Elder Belinda Vandenbroeck, can be translated as “This is our Home Here” from Cree. This name calls our attention to the link between ongoing colonization and displacement of Indigenous peoples from these lands and experiences of Indigenous homelessness in our cities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made unsheltered homelessness and encampments more visible here as in other cities. People experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg, as elsewhere, manage traumas and complex health challenges, while facing daily stigma, discrimination and violence. Working together across differences toward a common goal of advancing the right to housing, while doing our best to protect lives and reduce harms, is part of our shared path to Truth and Reconciliation and to safer, healthier cities. Kris Clemens, co-chair, Kíkinanaw Óma Kirsten Bernas, co-chair, Kíkinanaw Óma

Logos for the following organizations: End Homelessness Winnipeg, 1 Just City, Main Street Project, Sunshine House, Siloam Mission, St. Boniface Street Links, Right to Housing, West Central Women's Resource Centre

Signatories: End Homelessness Winnipeg, 1 Just City, Main Street Project, Sunshine House, Siloam Mission, St. Boniface Street Links, Right to Housing, West Central Women's Resource Centre

It’s happening! We’re hosting a Vaccine Clinic! It’s going to be an amazing day! No ID or appointment needed to get a Moderna shot -- either your first or your second! (Note: Moderna is for people 18+ only)

Wednesday, July 14 1:00pm - 4:00pm
 646 Logan Ave. (at Sherbrook St.)

  • Community BBQ

  • Childminding

  • JD and the Sunshine Band, Sunshine Bunch Drag 
performers & more!

  • Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ supports

  • Take-home care packages for recovery

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THANK YOU to every single person who bought a ticket for the Artbike Raffle! The grand total of ticket sales was $7,930 and I think we can all agree that puts this fundraiser in the category of HUGE SUCCESS! Thank you to Vero Warkentin, who is the creator and driving force of the Rainbow Artbike Project, and Sarah Thiessen at the WRENCH, as well as all the Wrenchers whose volunteer labour designed and built these bikes!

The Rainbow Artbike Project was a result of the Wheels of Courage mentorship program. Wheels of Courage (WoC) is a free, eight-month volunteer program at the WRENCH for young people (ages 15-30) who love bikes and want to use them as a tool for personal growth and social change. WoC participants gain exclusive access to a diverse array of skill-building workshops, community outreach opportunities as well as support and funding to develop their own Community Projects.

They are currently accepting applications, and applications are due July 2. So if this interests you, visit the WRENCH website to find out more!

OK, now that you've read all that, it's time to announce:


Navjashan Brar - TasteeRider

Dawn Sisson - ExciteBike 64 Elizabeth Alexandrin - Montero

Scott Kereliuk - Memphis

All winners are being contacted by email today and will have seven days to respond to the email! Thank you again to all who made this raffle possible and everyone who entered. It felt like a great way to celebrate Pride Month while things are still so shut down and uncertain.