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Gizhiwenimin is a program designed to aid and advocate for 2SLGBTQIA+ people going through systems related to the various stages of their refugee claimancy, immigration and resettlement here in Winnipeg. Since it began in 2017, we have strived to support queer newcomers with finding community and stability through one of the biggest transitions in their lives.


In Anishinaabemowin, Gizhiwenimin translates to "We see you, we hear you, we love you." This core principle guides us to bear witness to the courage and strength required to go through the resettlement process and service sectors, in addition to the sense of pride in queer identity required to take the steps to seek for more opportunities and protections.


Many individuals that come through this program have faced social rejection, political rejection, legal prosecution and displacement in their previous communities. These experiences of exclusion are further compounded by experiences of racism and homophobia even after they arrive in Canada. We hope that by providing individualized support for 2SLGBTQIA+ newcomers through the transition into their lives in Canada that we can minimize further harm caused during resettlement. 


Sunshine House advocacy has included writing letters of support to the Immigration Board of Canada, development of safety plans for deportation, assistance in applying for identification or healthcare and housing, drop offs of culturally appropriate groceries, check ins and inclusive safe spaces for further queer community building. We are always looking for translators and volunteers if you want to get involved!


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A group of nine people, dressed up in nice clothes, stand and pose for a photo during an Eid Iftar dinner at Sunshine House

Folks gather at Sunshine House for Eid Iftar 

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