We will be marking this day of mourning at the vigil taking place at West End Commons Neighbourhood Resource Centre (365 McGee Street) at 6:30pm. All are welcome.🕯

We had a packed house for QUEER BINGO: OUT OF THIS WORLD on November 10! These pics represent a sample of the beauty, grace and weirdness our performers brought to the stage tonight. And yeah, that’s a 10-year-old Queen in a man-eating plant costume, so what!? #WinnipegDrag #QueerWinnipeg #KeepWinnipegWeird


Top row, L-R: Queer Bingo poster. 1. Sandi Bay and Feather Talia share bingo calling duties. 2. Lady Quinnzarr brought a truly alien look! Bottom row: 1. Miss Assuma Gender and Stara David are bright and shining and ready to take the stage! 2. Olivia Limeheart Sky brings new meaning to the word "maneater" with her Little Shop of Horrors number. 3. A handcrafted backdrop.

This creepy crew absolutely killed it Wednesday night turning 🌞🏠 into a Haunted House!!! Thank you to the performers and to everyone who came for fright night revelry.