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How to Update Common Identification Documents After a Name/Gender Marker Change

Congratulations! You have your new documents from Vital Stats. Now what?

Much like when you move, it’s up to you to update all your info. Here’s a list of common IDs/things to update and what you’ll need for each one. If you need support with any of the processes, or want to come by Sunshine House to scan documents, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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Driver’s Licence/
Provincial ID
The official deadline for updating your Driver’s Licence/Provincial ID is 15 days after receiving your birth certificate. However, there is no punishment or penalty for missing this deadline. The fee is $10.
Go to any Autopac agent location.1
It does not have to be an official MPI branch.
Bring your Certificate of Name Change.
The Autopac agent will take a new photo of you for your new licence.
Remember to ask to have the gender marker updated at the same time.
Note: You can update your gender marker on your Driver’s Licence/Provincial ID before applying to change your gender through vital stats. This is currently the only Manitoba government ID that allows that.
Autopac agents are supposed to waive the $10 fee for a gender marker change and for name changes for gender reasons, but most of them don’t know this so you will probably have to ask. The clerk will have to call MPI to have the fee waived, and it may take a while, so be prepared to wait.

Manitoba Health Card
You can apply for a change to your Manitoba Health Card through email, fax or by dropping the form off in person.
Gather your documents. You must have:
Your certificate of legal name change that shows both your old and new name, and
Your birth certificate with updated gender marker (or change of sex designation certificate, if you were born outside Manitoba).
Download and complete the name change form found on the  Government of Manitoba website.2
Submit scans or photos of vital stats documents by email to

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