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2020 Annual General Meeting set for November 5

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Join us for a fully REMOTE, online Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 5!

Find out what we did from April 2019-March 2020. Enjoy the thrill of by-law amendments. Get a virtual House tour to see all the beautification that's been going on lately!

The meeting will be held on Google Meet. Here is the link:

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7:00PM: Prayer & Smudge

7:15PM: Call to Order

Recognition of First Peoples and our location in Treaty One territory

Moment of silence

7:20 Opening remarks by Chair and welcome 10 min

7:30 Approval of agenda 5 min

7:35 Approval of minutes from last meeting 5 min

7:40 Activity and Program Report

Like That! 5 min

Drop-In 5 min

Sunday Brunch 5 min

Science + Supper 5 min

Drop-In, Food Security 5 min

JD & Sunshine Band 5 min

Street Feet 5 min

Gizhiwenimin 5 min

Bar None 5 min

SWWAC 5 min

8:30 Presentation and approval of Financial report 15 min

8:45 Presentation and approval of new bylaws 15 min

9:00 Election of board members 20 min

Nominated board members

Returning board members

9:20 Meeting adjournment

Download the proposed changes to by-laws here:

Sunshine House Proposed BYLAWS - Nov 2020 AGM
Download PDF • 174KB

Download a PDF of slides explaining the changes to the by-laws here:

Bylaws presentation AGM - 24Oct2020
Download PDF • 230KB

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