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The 2021 Holiday Gift Registry is Here!

The Sunshine House Holiday Gift Registry is back! Every year we like to make sure all of our participants get a little something under the tree. Our staff find out what's on their wish lists and we try to get them each something they actually want or need and will use! Last year, we invited you to join in the Santa-ing, and we’re doing it again this for 2021. There are two ways you can participate: 1. Donate Money

Our staff will do the shopping! We have a special donation page for the gift registry and everything. For $25 we can make a nice gift pack for someone. For $50 we can make two, and so forth! These donations are fully tax-receiptable.

Our gift list isn’t complete yet, but what we do have is up on our SoKind gift list. The deadline for committing to give a tangible gift or gifts from the registry is FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3. However, this is just the deadline to commit. The deadline for delivering your gifts to Sunshine House is MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, and you can sign up for a drop-off appointment at

Thank you for joining us in making the season brighter at 646 Logan Avenue!

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