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105 TO SAVE LIVES - Donate Now to fund Manitoba's first Mobile Overdose Prevention Site

Supported by Health Canada's Substance Use and Addictions Program, the Mobile Overdose Prevention Site (MOPS) will use an RV to deliver peer-led mobile outreach services 5-6 nights per week to people who use drugs in Winnipeg's Central, West End, North End, and Point Douglas communities.

The MOPS will allow Sunshine House to continue providing critical harm reduction services, and expand our ability to safely and accessibly meet the needs of community members.

We did receive a large amount of funding from Health Canada, but it's not quite enough to cover everything we need. Specifically, we need more money for one essential thing: drug checking.

Toxic drug supply was a crisis before the pandemic, and it has only intensified since then. Drug-checking equipment would allow the MOPS to test drugs and confirm that the samples contain no unexpected contaminants.

So today, we invite you to join us in saving lives in Winnipeg. Give early, give often and share with your friends! Donations over $25 will be tax receipted.

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