Hello community! Here are our Most-needed Items for May, 2022!

Take a look at the list and if you have these items or can pick them up on you grocery trips, it’s easy to make a drop-off appointment: Make a drop-off appointment

If it’s more feasible to make a gift of money instead, you can do that any time: Make a tax-receiptable donation

CONSUMABLES: Bottled water & reusable water bottles

Canned goods



Socks & underwear


Light clothing (esp. sizes small, medium, large)

Light jackets, rain coats & rain ponchos

Sweaters & sweatshirts



Travel size shampoo/conditioner

Toothpaste, toothbrushes & dental floss


Any other toiletries

Hello all, we have our Most-Needed Items for April! The forecasted winter storm means we’re asking for some warm weather gear as well.

You can book a drop-off appointment here: calendly.com/sunshinehouse/dropoff

If it works better for you, you can donate $$ any time here: sunshinehousewpg.org/donate


+ Mini-size hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soaps, baby wipes)

+ Menstrual products

+ Bottled water

+ Socks & underwear

+ Spring & summer shoes and clothing (tees, shorts, sneakers, all genders and sizes)

+ Warm clothing and accessories

Thank you to the St. Paul’s High School Human Rights Initiative group for fundraising $850! The group came down to Sunshine House on March 18 for a tour. Street Feet nurse Edith Allec (centre) greeted them, and the students were accompanied by their teacher Anna McGill (seated on the floor holding a copy of our annual report), who is also the faculty sponsor for St. Paul’s Youth In Philanthropy group.