Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Join us for a fully REMOTE, online Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 5!

Find out what we did from April 2019-March 2020. Enjoy the thrill of by-law amendments. Get a virtual House tour to see all the beautification that's been going on lately!

The meeting will be held on Google Meet. Here is the link: meet.google.com/rau-gmop-rij

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7:00PM: Prayer & Smudge

7:15PM: Call to Order

Recognition of First Peoples and our location in Treaty One territory

Moment of silence

7:20 Opening remarks by Chair and welcome 10 min

7:30 Approval of agenda 5 min

7:35 Approval of minutes from last meeting 5 min

7:40 Activity and Program Report

Like That! 5 min

Drop-In 5 min

Sunday Brunch 5 min

Science + Supper 5 min

Drop-In, Food Security 5 min

JD & Sunshine Band 5 min

Street Feet 5 min

Gizhiwenimin 5 min

Bar None 5 min

SWWAC 5 min

8:30 Presentation and approval of Financial report 15 min

8:45 Presentation and approval of new bylaws 15 min

9:00 Election of board members 20 min

Nominated board members

Returning board members

9:20 Meeting adjournment

Download the proposed changes to by-laws here:

Sunshine House Proposed BYLAWS - Nov 2020 AGM
Download PDF • 174KB

Download a PDF of slides explaining the changes to the by-laws here:

Bylaws presentation AGM - 24Oct2020
Download PDF • 230KB

Hello everyone! It’s time for another donation call. We are still providing folks with food in our Boxes of Sunshine program — your donations of canned and dry goods and produce go a long way to keeping people fed!

 We are also seeing a greater need for menstrual hygiene products of all kinds. Since the weather is starting to turn to winter, we are taking winter gear and socks.

You can easily sign up for a drop-off slot at www.calendly.com/sunshinehouse.

If giving straight-up money is more appealing and/or feasible for you, we invite you to visit www.sunshinehousewpg.org/donate!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing support!!!

The Sex Workers of Winnipeg Action Coalition (SWWAC) has set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund for local sex workers. Winnipeg-based sex workers who have lost their income due to the ongoing pandemic can apply to the fund online. Folks who need help with the application can ask outreach workers at SWWAC’s partner agencies, or email SWWAC directly at swwac@sexworkwinnipeg.com.

The Fund is prioritizing Indigenous people, people of colour, trans and queer sex workers, migrants and those with precarious immigration status, as well as sex workers living with illness, disability or in unstable housing situations.

Here is a poster you can download and print: POSTER Want to donate to the fund? Visit the GoFundMe!

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